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Web Development Services

You are missing a huge opportunity to interact with your audience and reap benefits of attracting new clients if you don't have a well structured and optimized website.

Are You Facing These Issues?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your website and wish to address them promptly.

Strategy Problem

Are you lacking a perfect strategy on how to expand and scale up your business? It is a big concern for you as per the growth aspect and strategizing is an essential task.

Designing And UI

Are you bothered by the design and layout of a website? Do you face cluttered or unstructured website issues? Then Yes, you have come to the right place for the right solutions.

Performance & Speed

Are you upset with the speed of your website? Does it take so long to load a single page? Well, you need an optimal solution or else the visitors will bounce back, which may impact your website harshly.

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Why do businesses require Web Development?

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To Build Trust

Trust is a tender aspect of a website and if your website is authentic, people start showing faith in you.

Feel Connected

A website makes you feel connected with your audience and stay updated with the latest things.

Brand Awareness

You can create a strong brand awareness of your business if you have a brand level website.

24×7 Availability

Your Customers can get in touch with you anytime for their queries if you have a website.

Types Of Web Development Services

WordPress Web Development

We thrive to deliver custom designed and developed WordPress websites. Here, we can develop the front-end and back-end of a website and make it mobile-friendly by optimizing with different layouts.

Landing Page Design

Increase the conversion rate with the landing page we create for you. It will help in growing your business by creative landing pages. We provide excellent landing pages as your requirement to boost your conversion rate.

E-Commerce Web Development

A perfectly designed E-Commerce website will bring you more sales and we can help you by creating a comprehensive and engaging E-commerce website. We produce what attracts to the hearts of your customers.

Web Design

Our experienced developer ensures that your website looks clear and clean-cut so that customers can easily interact with your website. We will make your website a perfect way to engage.
Quality Over Quantity

Our Web Development Process


Discovering the goals of a website is what we seek to enhance your future goals. We will start developing the strategy after knowing all of your demands after knowing your targeted audience.


After knowing your requirements, we start our research from different sources to acknowledge your goals while following all the basic guidelines.

Wire Framing

In this process, we design the structure of a website without adding any content and will do finalization with the clients to meet their desires. The process mainly focuses on the space allocation and prioritizes content accordingly.


Once we have all the information, the next step is to make a design of the website as per solidifying niche. It is a crucial part of web development, which can transform your business to a website to engage with a targeted audience.


It is the process of developing a website by adding all the required coding. Then this development includes the addition of graphic elements and the required home where all the sub-pages will be added further.


After review and testing, we will finally deliver your website while following time deadlines. Then after, we will continue monitoring your website and will make the required changes.

Frequently asked questions?

Do you create mobile-friendly websites?

Yes. Our team of experts understands that we live in a digitalized era whereby technology has advanced, and many people use different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, among others, to accomplish daily activities. That is why we focus on developing web apps that are compatible with all these devices.

Do I need a website maintenance Plan?

Yes, it is always necessary to go with a maintenance plan. It is as crucial as we update our lawn regularly, or else your business will start going toward falling down.

Your website is the first impression of the business and it may leave a negative impact if you are not keeping your website up-to-date.

The customers always love to engage with a proper functioning website, which gets updated regularly. You just need to show the best version of your website so that people can think that you care for them and your business.

How long does it take to build a website?

In general, a professional web development company takes around 1 month to 4 months.

It is a normal time to build a website from scratch while adding all the relevant basic information. But still, it is recommended to take experts’ opinions so that you can produce better results.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Well, the cost of building a website varies on certain factors and you have to pay charges accordingly. If you have a simple website then you will be required to pay a hundred dollars but if it is an e-commerce or any complex website then the amount may increase.

It is essential to talk to a custom web development company who understands your business and objectives, which can be transformed into a well-structured website.

Why should I trust StarKash?

StarKash is a reputed and trusted web development company serving in this industry for more than two years. We have an experienced and dedicated team of experts who have built many websites of some reputed industries till now.

StarKash is not just a customer centric website but we believe in delivering goal-oriented results till the last breath. Our Web developer team will interact with you effectively to know the target and start working by setting goals accordingly.

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