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All the information available on StarKash website is to inform all our clients, suppliers, and the general public of an informative portal.

StarKash owner and staff are not responsible for any loss or damage happening from the use of the information from our website, you will be self-responsible for that.

StarKash website also contains links to other websites with the aim of showing examples of our work. We are not promoting any website’s content nor are we responsible for any loss or damage happening due to such websites. Our sole responsibility is to show the process of how we work to get you results.

We have the intention to provide our clients with the best form of service while following all the market ethics. At some stage, we will require your personal information to be stored in our database and under no circumstances, your information like password or any other personal information will be shared with any third party. Your security is paramount to us and we ensure it will be confidential.

StarKash has all the certain rights to change the content of the website without any prior notice. The website is in development mode and that’s why we need to update information and services on a regular basis. We intend to serve advanced things, which makes us change such things very frequently.

This website has been created by StarKash to stay as truthful and also accurate as possible for the best of our clients. All the work has been created for the promotion of the StarKash website, no information is copied or transformed from another websites of our competitors.