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Paid Advertising Service

We provide Paids Ads services to increase total sales and revenue. Our motive is to accelerate your lead generation efforts by boosting total sales. Here, we arrive to deliver measurable and sustainable results as per your demands.

Are These Issues Bothering You?

Our ads experts know how to solve them and bring the best results for you.

Not Getting Enough Leads?

It is a very common concern and it might be possible because of not being familiar with the targeted audience. Generating leads for proper conversion is what we all seek for optimal results.

Don’t Have Time To Analyze?

Lacking time is the biggest hassle in running a business successfully. But you can’t ignore the depth analysis, as it is a crucial factor and it may bother you anytime during the operation.

Outperform Business Rivals?

Our competitors always have a better plan for the future and it can keep you behind them, which we never want. Outperforming them is very crucial to stay live in the game.

Why Are Paid Ads Services Beneficial For Your Business?


Build Stronger Relationships

With two-way communication, paid ads will help in building stronger relationships with your customers while acquiring superior benefits from them.

Cost Effective

PPC Ads are the best way to advertise your business, here you have to pay only when the user clicks on your ad. It means you have to spend money only when there is some scope of making a sale.

Well Targeted Audience

All the PPC Ads are hyper-targeted, which always requires a proper team to reach targeted audience and we can manage it with the specific content.

No Dependency On SEO

PPC delivers quick results, there is no need to show any dependency on SEO, which takes time in giving desired results.


With GEO Targeting, you can target some specific locations all over the world to display your ads for a quick conversion.

Deliver Fast Results

PPC Ads give quicker results than any other techniques, you will get immediate results and an opportunity to convert your leads into sales.
Paid Ads

Types Of Paid Ads Services We Offer

Google Ads is an advertisement platform where advertiser’s can bid to display their advertisements. Users can make those ads appear on Google search engines and on non-searching websites like mobile apps. It aims to raise awareness and increase traffic on the website.

Google Ads can help your business by targeting specific people as per their interests in the products and services. It gives you an option to use different targeting methods to reach potential customers.

StarKash believes in bringing results and valuable traffic to your website with Google Ads in almost no time. We manage ads in a better way so that it can reach potential customers with our efforts and service.

Facebook Ads are the paid ads that people can place on their Facebook. It is the best way to enhance brand awareness with paid Facebook ads. A Facebook post is free, which can be seen by anyone but with a paid ad, users can target particular demographic people and attain best results.

Facebook Ads will be very helpful for the businesses looking for immense growth and the visibility of their business. With this paid traffic, users can enhance their website traffic whether it is blog content, article, or any sales copy. It will also help in increasing the total leads that can get converted into sales.

StarKash has a dedicated team of experts who can scale up your business effectively and will bring you in the growth zone. We have a team of social media experts and designers who can create some effective Facebook Ad campaigns. Here, we design the best ad formats with a compelling design that will appeal to customers to take the action with which you can grab more leads informally.

LinkedIn is an effective platform for generating B2B leads, increasing sales, and building connections. Targeting the right professional demographics that match your audience, to gain high-quality leads, is an opportunity for every business.

We can produce extremely professional leads this way. LinkedIn advertising allows for very specific targeting. LinkedIn costs more than other ad platforms. But this is the most significant tool of all; if our prospect is in the B2B industry, no one can compete with it.

StarKash has experience running LinkedIn advertising for our clients. We are always ready to help our clients grow their businesses. We are very aware of our responsibilities. We believe in generating twice as much business as our clients.

Instagram Ads is a paid marketing solution to display your ads in front of potential customers by allowing the sponsored posts to reach a wider audience. These attractive Instagram Ads are the perfect solution to generate leads by paying a desirable amount.

Instagram Ads are the customized solution for businesses by re-targeting the audience through the post engagement, which helps in boosting revenues, personal branding, increase sales, and ultimately get a perfect solution to your business. These ads can make a large impact in front of your customers & your audience.

StarKash focuses on Ads Targeting to deliver the optimistic results and use the latest techniques to display ads in front of the leads that can convert actually. It’s not over here, we also optimize Instagram Ads with A/B testing and check which type of advertisements are working.

Frequently asked questions?

Why would PPC be important for my brand?

A company always needs a reliable and trusted advertising campaign, which gives real-time results. A productive PPC campaign can give you quality traffic, which can be converted into sales with pleasing ROI with a bid placement program where all the strategies can be customized immediately.

Should my business use PPC advertising?

Yes, you should acquire PPC advertising because customers are very important for any business and PPC can bring you customers at a rapid pace. The paid advertising is the well-rounded internet marketing campaign that can derive you results quickly as compared to other ways.

Do you manage retargeting campaigns?

Yes, we manage re-targeting campaigns because it is the successful strategy to bring prospect customers to your website. Our dedicated team will strive to bring those customers to your website with re-targeting campaigns.

What budget should I keep aside for PPC campaign?

For a PPC Ad campaign, you need to cover all the costs of ads spend while making the profit. The best way is to calculate by estimating how much traffic your campaign will generate. Then just use that number and calculate how much you need to spend on Ads to get your desired ROI.

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

SEO is a process that involves techniques to bring organic traffic to the website and improve the positioning of the website in SERP. While SEM is also a paid search advertising program helps businesses to rank higher among search engine traffic.

In general, SEO is more effective with better ROI but it takes a lot of time to brief results. But SEM is a quick process, which has good ROI and results are also immediate. Once your ads are live, you will start getting traffic, leads, and higher sales.

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